Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour 2012

We observed earth hour tonight.   It was fun to sit together at the dining table and converse for an hour (actually longer).  Our teenage played with candles and wax.  We had a somewhat clumsy conversation about how to save the planet, and here are a few of the ideas
  1. Don't buy a new car
  2. Don't impulse shop
  3. Influence federal farm policy to change it so people don't use extra water to grow what grows elsewhere without extra water.
  4. Plant trees - not here but where they are needed. 
  5. Explore and work to fix the causes of deforestation
  6. Explore and support, or work to change, the state's energy strategy.
  7. Fight coal.
  8. Vaccuum the refridgerator's filters (so it wll be more efficient)
  9. Work to reduce vehicles miles driven in my community.
It's a mish mash list, but all the ideas are good. Did you  observe Earth Hour?  Did you talk about how to make the world better?  What ideas arose at your table?

Peace, y'all


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